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My Background

Meet your Serenity Spa & Boutique Crew!  Two of us are mother & daughter, 2 are related, and one we adopted!  

Left to right: Lauren, Frances, Missy (owner), Madison, & Sunshine.  

This dynamic team is ready to assist you with your spa services and/or shopping experience.  

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Serenity Spa

& Boutique

Missy founded Serenity Spa, November 1, 1998.  She took her vision mixed with passion and made it happen nearly 25 years ago! 

Started with spa services in '98 and branched out into a fun stylish boutique.  

"It is a great day at work when we see new faces and our Serenity family. I enjoy hearing laughter inside our walls and seeing our customers find that something special in our boutique" Missy 

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